RAZ Finance

RAZ facilitates collaborative ESG, sustainability, impact and investment data management while verified outcomes catalyze decentralized economic development

The Past

Transparency = Centralized, Hierarchical, Reporting

The Future

Transparency = Evolutionary Stakeholder Influence

RAZ is Shaping the Future of Impact Finance By

Tracking and Verifying Impact

Managing Capital Allocation Decisions

Engaging Teams and Stakeholders to Verify Outcomes

Increasing the Speed and Efficiency of Due Diligence

RAZ substantiates commitment to

Impact Themes and Metrics

ESG strategies

Sustainability transitions

by tracking progress according to established frameworks based on capital deployment decisions and the influence of outcomes on financial performance

Impact Themes and Metrics

ESG strategies

Sustainability transitions

Data is captured across an unalterable timeline while making it possible for stakeholder groups and verifiers to influence outcomes in measurable, positive ways

Across the landscape of:

  • Capital Deployment
  • Impact
  • ESG
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Performance

Stakeholder groups verify actions and results while they are still unfolding in alignment with investor themes and strategies, best practices, standards and regulations.

Results from each initiative are tokenized to facilitate:

  • Impact verification
  • DeFi-driven data trading
  • Reduced risk for investors
  • Increased investment liquidity
  • Faster and more efficient due diligence
  • Secure access to integrated impact and financial data
  • Opportunities for purpose-driven companies and projects to access capital more efficiently
  • a RAZ market for impact, ESG and sustainable investing opportunities
RAZ Finance

Develops Technology and Impact Management Solutions in Partnership with Roshem Impact.

Roshem Impact is a Certified B Corporation and

2021 Best for the World Honoree, ranked in the top 5% of B Corporations globally for impact on Workers