Regulatory compliance, transparency and accountability are significant risks and challenges across the Web3 and DeFi space

For individuals, groups, funds, asset owners and asset managers deploying capital, the RAZ Protocol is being developed to facilitate: 

  • Project Screening and Selection

  • Capital Deployment Grants | Loans | Investment

  • Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance Data Tracking

While the RAZ Network becomes increasingly decentralized, our team is developing software solutions that catalyze stakeholder-driven impact and ESG data verification. Our adaptation of Tezos DigiSign will result in an open-source tool that attributes impact data to Contributors, Projects, Impact Themes, Initiatives and Frameworks across the RAZ Network and beyond. The digital signature and proof of existence process will further ensure individuals are able to erase, transfer and revoke data permissions in alignment with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). will result in the availability of an open-source version of RAZ that automates the digital signature and proof of existence process.

By building on Tezos, RAZ will facilitate the creation of a “digital time capsule” for data contributed by stakeholders across RAZ Network projects.

When action steps towards positive outcome realization are documented, proof of existence is created on the Tezos blockchain to ensure that the public can verify the authenticity of impact claims. Investors will be able to ensure that progress occurred, and documentary proof existed, in accordance with capital allocation commitments. Powered by Tezos, RAZ will be able to facilitate more efficient investment, donation and grant funding due diligence processes while proving that agreements are being honored.

Join our community to be among the first to access open-source ESG and impact data management solutions built by RAZ on Tezos.

The RAZ Protocol

The RAZ Protocol will create a buffer between a person’s identifying information and the company, project or organization they are providing feedback on, so as to protect potential whistleblowers. Individuals can engage anonymously – without disclosing their identifying information – while projects and their investors receive assurances of a data contributor’s reputation, credibility and access rights. The RAZ approach is intended to ease concerns about digital “social credit scores” being irrevocably tied to a person’s online identity. The existence of certain credentials can be confirmed, and the individual remains in control of when to share identifying information. 

We’re implementing these privacy-preserving functionalities through cryptographic validation that allows one party to prove it possesses certain information without revealing that information. The RAZ DAO is developing mechanisms that will incentivize contributions to the Protocol’s governance and funding models, as well as impact data and capacity building support from project employees and other key stakeholders across the network. These processes will utilize tokens and smart contracts to make the realization of integrated impact and financial outcomes more efficient.