are engaged with the governance of the network while contributing to projects and pods

Project Owners

Projects aiming to access funding, substantiate their transparency, accountability, and impact-financial outcomes are represented by verified individuals.

Impact Managers

can either be independent individuals or employees of third party organizations or companies. These people provide direct impact measurement and management support to projects across the network.

Impact Verifiers

are independent individuals, or employees of third-party organizations or companies, who verify and audit the economic, social and environmental impact claims made by a project


are verified project participants who are authorized to provide data regarding a specific impact data point or claim. Individuals can maintain anonymity while interacting with a project.


RAZ Investor stakeholders are verified: Asset Owners - accredited investors, financing world-changing projects Asset Managers who acquire and trade investments on behalf of limited partners, groups companies


Pods are groups of value-aligned individual $RAZ holders. Pods contribute to RAZ development and governance


Everyone who has engaged with the development of the RAZ Network is welcome to join our stakeholder community.