Asset Owners

Our community of accredited investors, grant-makers and donors finance world-changing projects. Individuals may: 

  • Represent family offices, foundations, nonprofit grant-making organizations, endowments, pension funds and institutions 
  • Deploy personal capital in alignment with their personal values 

Asset Managers

Stakeholders verified for their professional roles in this category are engaged in the acquisition and trade of investments on behalf of asset management groups and companies.  Individuals may: 

  • Be responsible for the deployment of family office, institutional, and corporate funds to opportunities in alignment with a specific investment thesis
  • Align funds and capital deployment vehicles with environmental, social and governance strategies

Alexandre is a venture builder, accredited tech investor, experienced fund manager and a leading Senior Advisor at RAZ Finance

Raffael is a member of the operations team at the Tezos Foundation, where he is responsible for the Grants program with a focus on decentralized finance (DeFi)