Throughout the growth and development of our network, actively engaged $RAZ holders will be earning reputation scores, ranks and achievements.

Influence over the RAZ Finance project’s own governance will be based on reputation across our gamified environment.

Early investors and significant $RAZ holders will be able to influence the allocation of investment capital towards the development of the RAZ network in accordance with their holdings.

On a Network level:

Decisions related to governance practices and standards, community funds and DAO Treasury deployment, project ranking and investability, will be based on reputation score rather than holdings.

On a Pod level:

Individual Pods and value-aligned groups can integrate their own rules related to project ranking, capital deployment and investment criteria.


Our Team is adapting our current best practices, policies and procedures, based on our achievement of B Corporation Certification, to a decentralized environment.

Our progress and action steps are being tracked publicly through the RAZ Finance Impact Dashboard.

In December 2021, we initiated an exploratory initiative to align with the Cardano Catalyst community, transition to a decentralized network, launch a Cardano-native token, and potentially build RAZ as a Cardano-based dApp.

We are grateful for the support and insights provided to us by the Cardano4Climate community as we explore this pathway.

Our Cardano Catalyst R7 funding proposal is open for comments until December 9th.