Leading up to its decentralization, the current RAZ Network is accessible to everyone who engages with, and contributes to, the project.

Throughout network development, the community will be making open source software, impact data, discussions, news feeds, videos, podcasts, resources, training and project outcomes available to the public.

To access certain projects, pods and permissioned features, participants will need to earn Reputation Scores as part of our Digital Impact Identity initiative. 

Upon $RAZ token generation and airdrop campaign initiation, participants will need to: 

  1. Verify digital asset ownership (NFTs) to track their data across the network; 
  2. Verify $RAZ holdings and stake tokens in order to connect their Project dashboards to the wider RAZ network. 

Password-free access will be made possible by Web3 wallet-driven profile creation. 

Our community is particularly seeking to include individuals with interest in data science and verification, stakeholder engagement, impact finance, blockchain, decentralized governance, gamification, social entrepreneurship and mission-driven business development.

Experience is not necessary. Bring your ideas, enthusiasm and drive.

Outcomes are incentivized in $RAZ and cryptocurrencies managed by the RAZ DAO Treasury.

Individual reputation scores will become tokenized assets that can be utilized across multiple projects.

Early participation gives stakeholders greater influence over the RAZ Network’s impact priorities, governance, due diligence, outcome and data management processes.

To find out more about how to join us, complete the form below and one of our Project Leaders will connect with you. 


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