The Product

Tracks and verifies impact

Engages teams and stakeholders to verify outcomes

Manages capital allocation decisions

Increases the speed and efficiency of due diligence

Where We Are Now

Investors and companies can choose and customize their Impact Themes

Actions taken by stakeholders to realize ESG, sustainability or impact

Activities across company initiatives are verified by stakeholders engaged in the project

Capital allocated, and deployed, to each action step involved in the realization of an Impact Theme

Each company that utilizes the platform onboards members from their own stakeholder groups

Datasets are tokenized through OCEAN ERC-20 datatokens and traded through the Ocean Market

Development Journey and Network Integration: Where We Want to Be

Timelines, proof points and verification events are connected with blockchain protocols.

Confidential and proprietary data is stored securely while actions and verification events are recorded on transparent ledgers.

Data privacy: RAZ network members remain in control of how their data is accessed and utilized.

Off-chain data is secured and bridged to a diverse range of blockchains via oracle solutions and smart contracts.

RAZ token utility will extend to:


Capital deployment to verified opportunities


Securities traded through a RAZ zone on the ixo Internet of Impact secondary market


Carbon and sustainability credits


Access to the RAZ network and software platform


Support and advisory services provided by RAZ network members


Trade of integrated impact-financial datasets



Impact outcomes will be correlated to resulting revenue across the timeline of the project or investment, with the option of integrating data from campaigns that share results with the public and stakeholder groups

RAZ aims to become a secondary market that facilitates due diligence, capital deployment and liquidity across the landscape of ESG, impact and sustainable investing opportunities.

The RAZ process will transform three categories of previously unrelated data into interconnected digital assets that become unalterable and transparent. Financial and impact reporting become integrated through data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Future of Impact Finance

RAZ + ixo

Projects will be connected to a RAZ zone on the ixo Internet of Impact. Companies will be able to utilize the RAZ platform to issue ixo Alphabonds for the purpose of accessing financing in any cryptocurrency, including the RAZ token.

The ixo Impact Exchange platform (DEX) for swapping pairs of fungible token assets, including RAZ, from any Internet of Impact network zone and will connect through to the Cosmos Hub DEX to access cross-network liquidity. The RAZ team has joined the ixo Launchpad program and is in the process of qualifying to become an Impact Market Relayer in order to connect RAZ data management solutions and integrated impact-financial outcome management with the Internet of Impact.

RAZ Finance

As ESG and impact investing become mainstream, “greenwashing” and exaggerated impact claims emerge as significant risks that can be mitigated and transformed into opportunity through transparent data verification.