Projects across our network

  • showcase their verified positive impact
  • measure and manage integrated impact-financial data and performance
  • can qualify for and access funding in the form of grants, loans and investment

The RAZ approach incorporates existing assessment best practices and baseline standards. Grassroots initiatives, nonprofit organizations, charities and companies upload proof of their progress towards realizing specific positive outcomes.

Projects can track the cost of Impact Business Model development and initiatives to improve their governance and impact on customers, the environment, employees and community.

RAZ facilitates active collaboration between stakeholders engaged in the realization of initiatives across the economic, environmental, social and governance landscape. Action steps are verified while outcomes are unfolding, and independent experts and auditors can review claims.

Progress according to customized Impact Themes and Initiatives is tracked and incentivized. Dashboards can include frameworks and practices based on widely-accepted best practices. Action steps are verified by individuals who participate in outcome realization, as well as external stakeholders.

Projects across our network are organized according to their goals and objectives:

Project Owner:

Miriam Davidovic