Connect with mission-driven individuals,
groups and projects

RAZ brings together a global community to explore the regenerative economic space and transform the future for people, purpose, and profit.

RAZFinance.io facilitates the indexing and ranking of projects that engage stakeholders to track their impact-financial performance

RAZ is launching a cross-chain exchange for digital assets linked to impact, ESG and sustainability data. See our Roadmap for more details.

Each step from Capital Deployment, to ESG, Impact, Revenue and Financial Performance can be tracked and verified by stakeholders at various levels, inclusive of:

  • Employees, customers, suppliers and community members invited to participate
  • Potential investors, funders and donors
  • The wider $RAZ network

Funders, Project Owners, Stakeholder Groups and Pods can:

Subscribed Project Owners

The RAZ DAO community influences

Due diligence standards and practices through evolutionary self-governance catalyzed by Pods of individuals brought together by aligned values

The verification and ranking of products, companies, projects and initiatives

Reputation and ranking is based on active engagement, and contributions

A Collaborative Process

Stakeholder contributions are valued based on outcomes achieved, and reflected as Reputation Scores that shape the influence of individual stakeholders and community members.

RAZ is creating a dynamic digital ecosystem that incentivizes the verification, authentication and transparency of impact, ESG, sustainability and economic data.

Showcase Your Project

Mission-driven companies, projects and initiatives apply to become Project Owners through a process that is currently by invitation-only.

Our stakeholders and pods are actively developing calls for proposals and venture funding opportunities. Project Owners can adapt their profiles to clarify the types of investment they are looking for while featuring their pitch videos and investor decks.

Although we are not currently accepting unsolicited applications from businesses seeking to join RAZ, we are open to having introductory conversations with interested companies, founders and entrepreneurs.