Credit Ezra Weller, DAOstack

Ultimate Outcome: a RAZ blockchain network and decentralized exchange

Globally, with a particular emphasis on underrepresented founders and geographies, the RAZ Software as a Service platform identifies mission-driven companies and founders that are realizing genuine positive outcomes.

RAZ is being developed to facilitate a secondary market that enables due diligence, capital deployment and liquidity across the landscape of ESG, impact and sustainable investing opportunities.

August 2020
to July 2021

Research and Impact Fellowships

July to
September 2021

Ideation and Prototype

September to
December 2021

Proof of Concept

Launch expected
by March 2022

Minimum Viable Product

Launch expected
by June 2022

$RAZ token launch by June 2022 in partnership with Unit Ventures

$RAZ utility extends to:

2022 and beyond

Data Science