Credit Ezra Weller, DAOstack

The Evolution of Impact Finance

Initiated: Q3 of 2022

Decentralized Impact Identity NFTs enable access, contributor roles, anonymity, data privacy and ownership rights tracking across multiple projects
Interconnected data management and interactions across multiple projects throughout the network
The RAZ mobile application facilitates identity and credential management, project access, data rights tracking and trade, outcome verification, and connections

RAZ commerce features catalyze stakeholder access to impact-verified products, essential goods and services, education and healthcare across emerging markets and beyond
$RAZ token generation

$RAZ capital deployment, utility, staking, collateral, bond and liquidity pool functionality development plan outlined
The RAZ Network facilitates identity and credential management, data tracking, verification, access and trade
Passwordless, permissionless, Web3 wallet login

NFT ownership verification

Support for capital deployment in multiple cryptocurrencies
Tokenomics and Token Utility
$RAZ Private Sale

RAZ DAO governance, voting, Impact Theme-driven group influence, and project-based impact-financial decision making enabled through the $RAZ token
$RAZ Private Sale

Rewards for referrals of whitelisted network participants, multi-project commitment and outcomes accomplished

$RAZ enables compliance, transparency and voting on project funding, team building and technical decisions
$RAZ Private Sale

Wallet addresses holding $RAZ are associated with KYC-verified individual profiles and decentralized identifiers
Decentralized Impact Identity
Working groups begin ranking individual contributions and project progress
Reputation-based voting and governance enabled
Reputation scores become digital assets owned by individuals, pods and projects

Incentivization for pods, project stakeholders, impact-financial data auditors and verifiers, advisors and investors
Impact Finance
$RAZ incentivizes stakeholders for impact-financial outcome realization
Each step from due diligence, to capital deployment and outcome realization can be securely tracked and associated to NFTs owned by individuals on a personal and project-based level

NFT auction campaign launched to deploy revenue to impact-verified projects
The RAZ Network facilitates efficient project screening and due diligence ahead of funding being deployed

Investment, donation and grant deal-making automated

RAZ Marketplace product distribution



European Union
Middle East

August 2020
to July 2021

Research and Impact Fellowships

July to
September 2021

Ideation and Prototype

September to
December 2021

Proof of Concept