Credit Ezra Weller, DAOstack

The Evolution of Impact Finance

Q1-Q2 2022 Q3-Q4 2022 Q1 2023
Open-source Impact Theme and Initiative tracking, collaboration, and Tezos digital signature application development

Impact Databank powers outcome management organized by user, project, impact theme, initiative and framework
$RAZ token generation

The RAZ Data Market, built on the Ocean Protocol, enables efficient due diligence

Data asset metadata stored, transferred through Aquarius and access rights traded as datatokens

Open-Source RAZ Data product delivered by August 2022 in partnership with Coexya and funded by the Tezos Foundation
The RAZ dApp access, data rights, outcome tracking, and connections

Interconnected data management and interactions across multiple projects throughout the network
Impact-financial data digitally signed and proof of existence created on the Tezos blockchain for all current RAZ Finance pilot projects

Tezos integration pathway developed, features tested, multi-chain development plan outlined between Tezos DigiSign and the Ocean Protocol
RAZ Data dashboards facilitate access to Tezos blockchain records of data input events, hashes and document verification

Digitally-signed documents and data packages are associated with Tezos records and utilized to facilitate investment due diligence via smart contracts

RAZ project database to facilitate vetting, capital deployment, and due diligence through digital assets created on Tezos
The RAZ dApp facilitates identity and credential management, data tracking, verification, access and trade

Oracles are integrated to facilitate efficient project screening and due diligence

Passwordless, permissionless, Web3 wallet login

NFT ownership verification
Tokenomics and Token Utility
$RAZ capital deployment utility, staking, collateral, bond and liquidity pool functionality developed
$RAZ Private Sale

$RAZ enables Data Access and Ownership Rights trade through datatokens and NFTs across the RAZ Market
$RAZ Private Sale

Rewards for referrals of whitelisted network participants, multi-project commitment and outcomes accomplished
Reputation as an Asset
Working groups begin ranking individual contributions and project progress
Reputation-based voting and governance enabled
Reputation scores become digital assets owned by individuals, pods and projects
Impact Finance
Pilot projects launched for DAOs, companies, nonprofit organizations and municipal initiatives managing impact-financial outcomes
$RAZ incentivizes stakeholders for impact-financial outcome realization

NFT auction campaign launched to deploy revenue to impact-verified projects
Each step from due diligence, to capital deployment and outcome realization can be securely tracked and associated to NFTs owned by individuals on a personal and project-based level

Q4 of 2022 and Our Impact

RAZ Marketplace product distribution



European Union
Middle East

August 2020
to July 2021

Research and Impact Fellowships

July to
September 2021

Ideation and Prototype

September to
December 2021

Proof of Concept