Meet Our Team


Miriam Davidovic | Co-Founder - Governance, Impact Data, Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

Miriam founded Roshem Impact in 2017, a Certified B Corporation recognized as being among the“Best for the World™” in the Workers Impact category for 2021. The company provided web development, policy and governance, communications and impact management solutions to purpose-driven companies. The team created, and exclusively focused, on RAZ based on the unmet market need for stakeholder-driven, integrated, impact and financial data management. Miriam leads data management, verification, blockchain and impact-financial integration initiatives across the RAZ platform and network. Her leadership experience spans across the USA, Canada, Serbia and Israel as related to impact finance, impact measurement and management, information technology, marketing, intellectual property, purpose-driven corporate governance, due diligence, Environment, Social and Governance policy and practice.

Raphael Bitterman | Co-Founder - Strategy and Business Development

At RAZ, Raphael brings together an ecosystem of aligned, mission-driven, pioneers at the intersection of impact and finance. He manages investor relationships and partnerships with leaders across the ESG, blockchain, and DeFi, impact tech, agricultural tech, sustainable and regenerative business landscape. He is a licensed attorney in Israel with 20 years of Intellectual Property law experience. For 19 years, he worked in the diamond and jewelry space to develop market access opportunities through technology, while driving sales and operating tenders. At this time of transition to a global regenerative economy, he is focused on how emerging technologies can drive digital transformation. Through RAZ, he seeks to influence the achievement of world-changing positive outcomes that drive financial growth, decentralization and increased prosperity for all stakeholders.

Advisors: Blockchain, Impact and ESG

Alexandre Covello | Web3 Venture Builder

Alexandre is an active technology investor and startup mentor. He sat on the Board of the Harvard Business School Angels of London where he co-chaired the screening committee. He mentors startups with prominent accelerators (Techstars Barclays, MassChallenge, etc.) and is a regular keynote speaker and contributor on earlystage technology investing. Prior to founding AngelsCube, Alexandre advised for more than 15 years institutional investors on their global private equity and venture capital allocations. Alexandre started his career as a management consultant and corporate finance attorney. A French national, Alexandre graduated from Universite Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne Law School, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and the Harvard Business School.

Aziz Mulay-Shah | Managing Director at GCA - Global Communications Agency

Aziz translates diplomacy, culture, strategy, teaching, musicianship, and a love for problem-solving into creating ideas for clients, whether they are in government, non-profit, large or small scale enterprises and issue related organizations. After 16 years in the diplomatic sector, including having served as the Deputy Ambassador of Canada to the UAE, he currently designs strategies for sustainable development, impact investment, community engagement, wellbeing, and stakeholder engagement. Aziz develops plans, policies, responses and actions that enable organizations and institutions to be bold, quick and responsive in the face of opportunities.

Margaret Mondlane | Environment, Social and Governance

Margaret has over 20 years experience in environmental, social, governance (ESG), and project management consulting for private, public, and international clients for a multitude of industries. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University, a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town and a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Colorado and Leeds Business School.

Alain Broustail | Blockchain, Innovation and Software Development

Alain has held several senior positions within the Sword Group over the years. In 2021, Sword Group in France became Coexya. He is currently leading Coexya’s blockchain business and technology development. He helps hundreds of clients understand and integrate blockchain technologies within their daily operations and IT systems.

Lorraine Perronnet | Blockchain Business Developer

Lorraine completed engineering school with a degree in computer science and applied mathematics. She has 18 months of experience in Java/J2EE development, a master's degree in applied mathematics (machine learning), and completed a thesis on real-time multimodal brain imaging for brain rehabilitation.