For Project Owners, Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Stakeholder Pods, $RAZ utility extends to:

$RAZ token holder rights

The $RAZ token guarantees holders’ rights to access new tools, features and support.

$RAZ holders own, and control access to, their own data, alongside their project data.

2022 2023 2024
Priority access to private and new features, alongside support
Project Guarantees: Collateral on services and support to be provided, or on capital available for deployment
RAZ Network and Mobile Application, DID Wallet
Engagement in governance
Privacy Protocol - zero knowledge
Token-driven integration

Token Release and Private Sale

Ticker: RAZ

Token Type: ERC-20

Token Generation Event: July 2022

Initial Circulating Supply: 110,000,000

Fundraising and Investors

Round Tokens Available
Pre-Seed | Early Backers
40,000,000 | 4%
Private Sale
80,000,000 | 8%