With $RAZ, network stakeholders will be able to finance projects aligned with their values.

$RAZ token launch, private sale and ICO

With $RAZ, you can:

For Project Owners, Stakeholder Pods and Investors, $RAZ utility extends to:

Token Release: Private and Community Sale

Ticker: RAZ
TGE: Q1 of 2022
Initial Circulating Supply: 78,000,000

Token Release: Private Sale
Round Tokens Available
Private Sale
4,500,000 | 1.5%
Early backers
9,000,000 | 3%

RAZ DAO Impact Investment Mechanism

Any individual token holder will be able to stake their $RAZ in exchange for stablecoin loans that are utilized to:

  • Deploy capital in the form of grants, donations, loans and investment provided to impact-verified projects.

$RAZ is locked for the term of the investment, grant or loan, while earning yields.

Loans are paid back to the $RAZ treasury by the investor, investment recipient or donor.


  • For grants and donations: when milestones related to the capital deployment are met by the funding recipient, the funding provider (donor, charity, foundation) repays the RAZ treasury in stablecoin as per the terms of the loan from the RAZ network treasury. The RAZ network earns fees related to: 1. The cost of the stablecoin loan 2. project management through subscriptions
  • For investments and loans: the investor exits, the investment converts to equity, and/or by a certain agreed-upon date, or when the loan to an individual project is paid back, the funds are returned to the RAZ treasury as per the terms of the financing.

The original $RAZ staked is unlocked upon stablecoin loan repayment to the RAZ DAO.

RAZ DAO Treasury

  • Cryptocurrency reserve (ETH, BTC, DAI)
  • Stablecoin reserve

Funding Mechanism: The community votes to accept projects and funding proposals, as well as to approve stablecoin loans from the treasury to such projects.

Return on Investment


The funder who stakes their $RAZ benefits from the expectation that the value of the tokens staked will increase in value during the term of capital deployment. This creates a direct and tangible staking incentive.

Investors benefit by earning returns on the stablecoin-based investment while being able to recover their original $RAZ once funds are returned to the network’s treasury

Donors benefit from gains in $RAZ made during the term of the project, being able to deploy capital faster and earlier via staking and stablecoin access – while returning stablecoin assets to the RAZ treasury once the project’s milestones have been completed. Additionally, should milestones not be achieved, the full amount of prospective funding is not deployed.

The RAZ community, on a network-wide or project-specific level, can be involved in selecting projects and overseeing milestone accomplishment. Thereby the risk and responsibility is shared between the funder and the RAZ network.

Funding is deployed in tranches by the RAZ DAO community itself, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing costs for funders. Smart contracts associate funding allocation with the accomplishment of specific milestones that are approved by the community.

All funders benefit from a reduction in risk whereby the RAZ DAO community of active voters shares the financing risk and also the responsibility of conducting effective due diligence on projects.